Spark - course feedback system

  • Spark = The new course feedback system of LAB UAS
  • You will find Spark at student’s desktop in Peppi System
  • You will get e-mail reminders of giving feedback
  • Spark is optimized for use on mobile devices
  • Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Edge are the recommended browsers
  • If you have problems with Spark:
    • Lue ensin Sparkin ohje
    • Log out, close the browser and log in again
    • Try another browser
    • If still some problems, contact

Spark in Peppi System

You will find Spark at Peppi’s desktop

In the front page you can find the courses having an active feedback questionnaire. You can give feedback or read the feedback reports.

Give feedback

Give feedback -> the questionnaire opens

  • Course feedback is anonymous
  • Remember to send you feedback by "SUBMIT FEEDBACK".

Show report

  • After the feedback is closed you will see report on the feedback
  • It is possible for the teacher to give reply to the students’ feedback