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Note the spelling of your search word

Searching with an empty search bar gives all the implementations as a result

Asterisk * is the wildcard in the Study Search

  • Search with ’ eng ’ results in implementations justthe letter combination ’ eng ’
  • Search with ’ eng* ’ results in implementations including a word that starts with ’ eng….. ’
  • Search with ’ *eng* ’ results in implementations includingthe letter combination ’ ….eng….. ’

Filtering search results

You can filter your search results with the following criteria:

  1. Teaching language
  2. Teaching method
    1. Contact teaching: the amount of virtual and online teaching is not included in the implementation
    2. Online and contact teaching: a part of the teaching will be implemented online
    3. Online teaching: the entire implementation takes place online
  3. Educational field
  4. Degree programme
  5. Unit
  6. Unit location
  7. Enrollment
  8. Implementation timing

Search results

See the name, study unit code and implementation code of units listed in the search results.

Basic information of an implementation

  • Code: study unit code-implementation code. Use these codes to search for implementations to enroll on or to search for schedules.
  • Implementation name
  • Timing: start and finish date of an implementation
  • Enrollment time. Enroll to implementations in Peppi
  • Unit: faculty in charge of the implementation
  • Unit location
  • Teaching language
  • Number of ECTS credits allocated
  • Teaching method

Learning outcomes of the course unit

See the learning outcomes of the course unit

Implementation curriculum

See the curriculum to which the implementation is related to

Study module is related to following curriculums

Information about other curriculums with the same unit

Nb! You can only find curriculums from the year 2015 onwards in the Study Guide service. Request older study guides from the Student Services (studentservices(@).fi).