Home Page

On the home page:

  • Current topics LAB current Peppi related topics
  • Recent Latest saved changes in the system
  • Tasks Your tasks
  • Messages Messages sent and received through Peppi
  • Calendar Reservations made in Peppi resource booking system
  • Links Your favorites and links
  • Your courses Your on-going courses

Current topics

This segment is reserved for current topics. Check this every time you login to Peppi.


Recent segment shows recent events in Peppi like new or modified information according to user settings. Notifications are links and by clicking them you can navigate for example to information of a recent course.

How can I adjust what the segment displays?

You can modify the Recent segment by going to your own setting (Settings->Recent topics).

You can choose if the Recent segment shows:

  • All events
  • Your unit's events or
  • Your own events in courses


Tasks segment shows tasks reserved for you. You can either save tasks for yourself or send tasks/reminders to other people through Peppi. Tasks in Peppi are like post its and are mainly there to reming yourself or others of something.

How can you view or remove tasks

You can view more detailed description of the task or delete it by clicking on the name of the task.

How can you send tasks for yourself or others?

You can send tasks to yourself or to others by finding their name in the person system. 

  1. Search for people
  2. Choose person or persons
  3. Click on the envelope  
  4. Choose Create a task (you can also check "Send email" if you want to)
  5. Choose due date for the task
  6. Write down task name and content
  7. Press 'Send'

Task will be visible on the assigned person's Peppi home page. Task is also sent to the person via email if you chose to send it.


What is this?

You can send messages to other users in Peppi. When you send a message to someone in Peppi, they get a notification on their Peppi desk and also in their email. The emails show peppi(at)lab.fi as the sender. When you reply to a Peppi message via email, the message goes to the receivers frontpage in the Peppi desk.

In the front page of Peppi you will see the messages that have been sent to you via Peppi. You will also see the messages you have sent and that have been replied to.

Where can you use this?

Function is useful in different situations:

  • When you want to send a message to the whole organization
  • When you want to send a message to the whole student group
  • When you want to send a message to all participants of a certain course
  • When you want to send a message that is related to Peppi to designer or teacher. For example: "Could you check your work schedule if there is any corrections?"

Instructions for sending a message


You can add favourites and your own links to home page's list of links. Favourites are internal links in Peppi. You can add your own link by clicking the button. It is recommended to copy the URL addres from the browser's addres line.

Internal links can be added to the list by clicking the star on the information you want to save.

Links and favourites are user-spesific. This means that your link list is likely to be different than your colleagues.